Swimtrine Plus

Swimtrine Plus

Applied Bio

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Swimtrine® Plus
Copper based - Effective for control of green and mustard algae -  No waiting to swim - Non-Foaming - Algaetrine is made by Applied Biochemists, a leader in bio-based pool chemicals
  • Kills green and mustard algae
  • Compatible with chlorine and bromine sanitizers

Available Size: 32 fl. oz.

It doesn’t matter which algae you have, Swimtrine® Plus kills them all! This concentrated copper algaecide quickly kills mustard and green algae and prevents all types of algae from recurring. Add a preventative dose bi-weekly and be algae free! Triple-chelated formula contains 9.3% copper

  • Kills green and mustard algae
  • Prevents regrowth of algae
  • Compatible with bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone and mineral sanitizers

Available Size  32 fl. oz.