Spa Advantage - Granular Chlorine 2LB

Spa Advantage - Granular Chlorine 2LB

Spa Advantage

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Spa Advantage Granular Chlorine Concentrate is specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs. This concentrated granular chlorine compound destroys and controls the growth of bacteria effectively sanitizing and disinfecting hot water. Designed to dissolve quickly to provide an immediate source of chlorine for the spa.

Sodium Dichloro-s-trizinetrione………97%
Available Chlorine 62%

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
This product does not affect pH or alkalinity of water. One tenth oz. (1/2 tsp.) per 500 gal. of water gives 1.0 ppm and 1 level tbsp. gives 6.0 ppm of chlorine. To use, broadcast granules into water with jets running. Bathing can start at once.
With 4 bathers in a 500 gal. spa, a 2.0 ppm chlorine residual can drop below the minimum 1.0 ppm in 15 to 20 minutes. Less water or more bathers will accelerate loss. Test often and keep chlorine residue above 1.0 ppm.
Weekly, super chlorinate water to 5 or 6 ppm (see 2 above). Do not bathe until chlorine drops to 3.0 ppm. Draining and cleaning of spa is recommended whenever the water becomes difficult to manage.